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Chelsea Flower Show trees find a new home

Friday, July 1st, 2011


man planting tree

And you thought weeding was difficult


If you have ever wondered what happens to the gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show, our expert gardener Jason is seen here busily replanting the lovely Whitebeams that bordered The Chilstone Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The Whitebeams were a very popular feature of the garden as the colour of the leaves attracted a lot of attention. The tree’s sparse canopy allowed sunlight to play over  the garden with a bewitching dappled effect. We were often asked how tall these trees will grow and shall have to wait and see! (Our expert thinks they will double in height).

An adaption of The Chilstone Garden will be created at our showgardens (it will need to be adapted to work in the new space) and we hope that it will give pleasure for many years to come.

More Chilstone Bound for the USA

Friday, July 1st, 2011






packing materials

Careful now!



Although the majority of our sales are in the British Isles, many people do not realise that we have exported Chilstone all over the world. Our latest exports have mainly been to the USA (here is a large consignment of urns going off to our agents in New England and a customer in Texas)but recent consignments have gone to Japan, Mexico, Barbados and New Zealand.  Because of the great weights involved, we need to send the shipments over land and sea and so need to pack them very carefully.






man building box

Looks like he knows the drill


Here are some pictures of the kind of specialised work needed to export our statuary. For large orders a specialist team are needed as cases need to be made to order. Once the internal woodwork is fitted, the crates are filled and shipped out.




Another mission accomplished!