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IceBoy is Chelsea sensation

Thursday, May 26th, 2011



ice statue

Iceboy thrills garden fans


Many people have told us that our specially commissioned ice sculpture was one of the best things in the show! We have to admit that it has turned out so well, we are thinking of making some more!

We usually make this statue in composite stone, but we needed to find a way to make the statue in ice to match the chilled out theme of the garden – naturally it could not just melt so we eventually hit on the idea of molding the piece in high performance polycarbonates. Then we simply found a mad scientist and voila! There we are.

The iceboy is super realistic and is a permanent piece – even withstanding the effects of UV radiation. Better yet, it can be uplit at night or in an interior setting. The iceboy is currently unique but there are strong rumours that he has been sold already so watch this space.

A superinjunction prevents me from revealing any more.

The Chilstone Garden wins shiny Medal at Chelsea!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011






crowd at chelsea

So many people came to see The Chilstone Garden


Great news! The fab Chilstone Garden was awarded a Silver Medal at the World’s greatest flower show. The medal is yet another award for the talented designer Heather Appleton and is pretty amazing for her first attempt at this great show. All of the Chelsea gardens are designed by top designers, so it is great to get an award as well – its like the olympics, just being there is good.

The garden attracted a lot of attention from the broadcast media and there has been a lot of coverage on the BBC and international channels. Crowds have been teeming around the site and we have had newspaper coverage as well – when they have not been writing about Diarmuid Gavin that is!

The whole garden looked spectacular and we saw lots of celebrities at the Press Day including Ringo Starr. We asked Ringo if we could photograph him but he declined saying that “he had never been a fan of the Stones”.

Made up the last bit.

The Chilstone Garden – get the look

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

lady in big hat

There is so much going on in The Chilstone Garden that we have made a website just for the garden. This tells you all about the people who have been involved with the garden, like the designer Heather Appleton, our site builders and flowers specialists and contacts who can help you to get the look.

If you would like to visit the site, simply click HERE

The secret is almost out!

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

ice statue

The unique statue emerges into the light

Burly workmen struggle to free the first ever see-through Chilstone garden ornament! Cunningly wrought in a top secret process especially for the famous Chelsea Flower Show, this elegant and beautiful object has been created as a centrepiece of the exciting urban showgarden we are building at Chelsea!

The statue is of a boy and his faithful dog and is one of our popular fountain designs that are usually hand crafted in composite stone. Here we have commissioned the piece as a permanent ice sculpture – an ice sculpture that will never melt! It will drip like an ice sculpture but it will stand up to the hottest Chelsea day.

How is it possible? Science is the answer, complicated science and art my friends. I am not surprised Chelsea is sold out! Come and see our garden if you have a ticket – if not, fear not – we will be displaying this freak of nature at our show gardens in Langton Green after the show.

The Heat Is On!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011



Quick, get 'em back in the fridge, Gerald


Chilstone loves the summer so we cannot complain too much about the brilliant sunshine…BUT It is playing havoc with our Chelsea show garden with  designer Heather Appleton scouring the country looking for late blooms. Our friend Gerald Bonner from Coblands has also been busy growing hundreds of blooms for The Chilstone Garden but they have all been put in cold storage in the hope that they will flower on the day.

The papers are full of stories about the Chelsea Flower Show being the most colourful in years and there may be a lot of Roses on show this year so that will be a bonus. In fact the show is sold out and tickets are changing hands at £250 and more. We will try to keep you posted on our efforts.