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Bronzed and Beautiful

Friday, November 27th, 2009
See the Sea by Jonathan Hateley

See the Sea by Jonathan Hateley

This fascinating contempory garden feature is  See the Sea by Tunbridge Wells based sculptor Jonathan Hately. The piece is in the shape of a seashell yet on closer inspection is actually a swirling school of beautifully wrought fish.
These shapes within a shape are a theme that Hately explores in a sequence of exciting and original pieces on show to the public in our Tunbridge Wells showgardens.
The piece is made of resin bronze and measures 91cm high and 41 cm wide. It is also available in Bronze  in a limited Edition of 9.

Buy the Gorilla

Monday, November 23rd, 2009
Jambo the Gorilla

Jambo the Gorilla

Readers of this blog will be familiar with the story of Jambo the Gorilla and know of our splendid statue. All through 2009 we have travelled around the country attending various events and Jambo has come with us.
We have to admit that he was easily the most popular exhibit especially with children! Being fashioned in bronze, Jambo is non the worse for his adventures and looks as imposing as ever.
On our travels we were often asked if Jambo was for sale and now we are in a position to consider serious offers. Jambo is a lifesized portrait in bronze of the most famous gorilla in the world. He is one of a limited edition of only five and can be visited at our Kent showgardens by special appointment.
For futher details, please call Steve or Duncan on 01892 740866.

Staggering news

Monday, November 16th, 2009
A six pointer spotted in the showgardens

A six pointer spotted in the showgardens

Of all the magnificent animals in the world the stag is perhaps the most gentle yet masculine. A gentleman of the animal world as it were.
Our own stag is pretty magnificent too and even sports a genuine pair of antlers. This year has proven a great year for our little stag and we have sent them all over the world, the latest being a pair sent to a distinguished  lady in the United States.

Chips off the old block

Monday, November 16th, 2009
Callum and Scott complete a fountain bowl

Calon and Scott complete a fountain bowl

The Oxford Fountain is our largest product. It is difficult to make because of its scale but very satisfying to sell as it is a beautiful piece. There are Chilstone Oxford Fountains all over the world (including Oxford) and this week we despatched two more! – one to S.E. London and another to Belgium.
The fountain is so large that once begun it cannot be stopped. This of course means that no meal breaks are possible and so the craftsmen can only eat while they work on the bowls. On the plus side, the company supplies hot fish and chips to the lucky chaps.

On the tiles

Friday, November 13th, 2009
Weathered and full of character

Weathered and full of character

During one of our restoration projects we came upon a hidden floor of terracotta tiles. The tiles are of a good age and would make a fine and characterful floor for a period   kitchen or perhaps for a path to a front door.
In fact the tiles are so good we are offering them to a descerning buyer for £3.00 each. There are 350 tiles in all which would cover approx 125 sq feet. The full load would cost £1050 plus VAT – although we would consider an offer.

A little bit of history

Monday, November 9th, 2009
A classic urn among some beautiful trees

A classic urn among some beautiful trees

Milntown, a fine historic house on the Isle of Man has ordered a replacement pedestal for a large urn in the magnificent 500 year old estate.
This is another example of the kind of restoration and replacement work that we are proud to do and love to work on.
The chamfered pedestal needed to be taller to create a focal point at the end of an avenue of handsome beeches.

Working in a Winter Wonderland

Friday, November 6th, 2009
Our Kent Showgardens during Winter

Our Kent Showgardens during Winter

Winter is creeping up. It stops being all sunny, the days get gradually shorter. It gets darker and colder then BOOM – It’s freezing. Don’t get caught out (again), now is the time to take precautions with your precious garden features.

Firstly make sure your lovely urns have drainage, clear any holes so that water can drain away, because the two main enemies are water and frost.

Most importantly, make sure that a valuable fountain is empty of water and ideally bagged in polythene. Water expands when it freezes and so can break almost anything.  A ping pong (table tennis) ball or other floating object will prevent a birdbath icing up and can still be used by the birds!